Safeguarding our food supply and environment while supporting workers and communities

1Safeguarding our food supply and environment while supporting workers and communities

Welcome to Food Safety Certifiers

Your choice for high quality food safety certification with excellent customer service. Food Safety Certifiers (FSC) offers inspection, auditing, training and certification services to North America. Our commitment is to help farmers, handlers and distributors find practical solutions to today’s food safety challenges.


Over the last few years, U.S. retailers and food service companies have pushed for high quality Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) audits to be regularly performed on their suppliers. Independent third party certification provides assurance to buyers that growers and handlers have successfully implemented a food safety program.

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Our Mission


To support the agricultural industry by providing quality food safety certification to achieve:

  • A safe and sustainable food supply that minimizes impacts on human health and the environment
  • Simplified certification and wider markets for producers and handlers
  • Affordable auditing services that add value to our clients operations
  • Responsible use of resources
  • Higher standards for worker health and safety

Quick Facts

GAP stands for Good Agricultural Practices which usually refers to on farm primary production.


GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices which usually refers to post farm gate handling operations.


GFSI stands for Global Food Safety Initiative which is an initiative managed by The Consumer Goods Forum and provides a benchmarking tool for food safety standards.    

NOP stands for National Organic Program which is the USDA organic standard.    


Our Services

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Harmonized GAP

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