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Apr 2016

Ways Farmers Are Coping With The Drought

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Because crops need water to survive, a drought can potentially have a devastating effect on them. Below is a list of ways that farmers have been able to adapt to the drought:
They Cover The Crops

Water conservation is one of the keys to surviving a drought. One of the ways that farmers conserve water is by covering their crops. This helps reduce weed growth and increase soil fertility, which makes it easy for water to reach the soil. Studies have shown that covering the crops is effective for protecting them during drought season. Covering the crops can make the fields 11 to 14 percent more productive.

They Condition The Soil

Conditioning the soil involves adding organic matter to it. This is good for both clay and sandy soil. Adding organic matter to sandy soil makes it easier for water to penetrate it. Organic matter helps sandy soil hold more water.

They Mulch The Surface Of The Soil

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Hot, windy weather can cause water to evaporate. Mulching the soil can help reduce the amount of water that is lost through evaporation. Adding mulch to the surface of the soil can also decrease erosion.

They Plant Drought-Resistant Crops

Some crops can tolerate dry conditions better than others. That is why farmers who live in arid regions often use drought-resistant crops. Orach, Armenian cucumbers and olives are examples of drought-resistant crops.

They Are Going Organic

More farmers today are choosing to go organic. There are many ways that organic farming benefits people. Organic methods help conserve soil moisture. Additionally, organic crops are free of pesticides.

They Irrigate Carefully

Farmers have to be mindful of how much and how often they irrigate. They do this by paying close attention to the soil and checking the weather conditions. Over-watering plants can be just as bad as not giving them enough water. Many farmers choose to irrigate at night because this helps reduce the amount of water that is lost through evaporation.



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