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May 2016

Three Reasons Why Organics Are Better Than Conventional Crops

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As people attempt to alter their diet to eat healthier, many will make the switch to organic foods.  Advocates claim organic foods provide more nutrients and even taste better than non-organic food. In addition, the production of organic foods is kinder to animals and better for the environment. According to executive director of the Organic Trade Association (OTA), Katherine DiMatteo, sales of organic foods have increased by 20 percent each year since 1990. However, despite the increase of interest in organic foods, people still have speculations about the nutritional value and overall healthfulness of organics. Here are three reasons, according to studies, why organic foods are healthier than conventionally grown.


  1. Organics Have Higher Omega-3’s

According to a group of 25 scientists who reviewed over 150 papers on organic vs. non-organics, there are about twice as many Omega-3’s in organic meat and dairy products than non-organic. A higher intake of Omega-3’s is beneficial because it positively impacts neurological function and development.


  1. Organics Have More Antioxidants

According to a group of 18 scientists who reviewed 343 studies on organic and conventional crops, there can be 1-2 extra portions of antioxidants gained from switching to organic fruit, vegetables, and cereal. Antioxidants are beneficial because they can prevent or delay certain types of cell damage.


  1. Organics Have Less Pesticides and Harmful Compounds

According to the same study mentioned above, organic crops were found to have 10 percent less nitrogen, 30 percent less nitrate, 87 percent less nitrite, 400 percent less pesticides, and almost 50 percent less cadmium than conventional crops.


By choosing to eat organic, you are providing yourself with certain nutrients that are harder to receive from conventionally grown crops, as well as preventing the intake of pesticides and other compounds which are destructive to the body. Start on the path to a healthier and happier life by going organic!


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