Mar 2016

Is There Really a Difference Between GMO and Non GMO Products?

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There’s a lot of talk about genetically modified organisms today, and some people are confused by the terms. Essentially, any type of food product that is genetically modified in some way falls into the GMO category. Non GMO products do not undergo any genetic modification and are considered to be closer to nature. While the debate over which approach is best continues, there are some compelling reasons to consider including more non GMO foods in your diet. Here are some examples.

Kinder to the Environment

Cultivating non GMO crops is typically safer for the environment and does not exhaust the nutrient supply of the farmland soil as quickly. This is because farmers who prefer to stay away from genetically modified crops are more likely to use time-honored methods like crop rotation. This helps ensure that the land does not become laden with chemicals that linger long after the harvest.

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