What is a GFSI audit?

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What is a GFSI audit?

GFSI Audit | Food Safety Certifiers

Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), is a private international food safety benchmark. When an operation undergoes a GFSI audit, this means they are being audited to a GFSI benchmarked food safety standard. Food Safety Certifiers (FSC) currently audits operations to the following GFSI level audits:

  • – PrimusGFS
  • – Global G.A.P.

Before GFSI, food safety was a high priority issue for many companies due to several high profile recalls, quarantines and negative publicity in regards to food safety. In addition, retailers were performing multiple audits individually and by third parties for food safety standards that lacked international certification and accreditation which resulted in unparalleled results. The demand for a universally accepted scheme started to strengthen.

Industry leaders from all over the world came together at The Consumer Goods Forum to create GFSI. GFSI was created to unify food safety standards which would reduce audit fatigue and support the need for a safer supply chain for consumers. GFSI developed a model that determines equivalency between existing food safety standards through a benchmarking process. The benchmarking model is based on the GFSI guidance document, which is updated regularly.


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