Primus Standard

Audit & Certification

Primus Standard is an audit scheme that covers both GAP and GMP scopes for ranches, harvest crews, packinghouses, cold storage, and distributors. Primus Standard offers an optional HACCP audit for handlers requiring this. This scope is recognized domestically and with most major buyers, and ensures to your buyer that you are following a fully comprehensive GAP or GMP plan.

However, since Primus Standard does not comply with the GFSI benchmark, it is not recognized on an international level. Check with your buyer to see if Primus Standard meets their needs.

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) address the food safety topics of site selection, adjacent land use, fertilizer usage, water sourcing and usage, pest control and pesticide monitoring, harvesting practices (including worker hygiene, packaging storage, field sanitation and product transportation) and food defense.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) programs cover many topics including pest control, traceability, sanitation, food defense, maintenance, foreign material control and HACCP.

What is the certification process?


Prepare and

Make sure you have a food safety plan in place and perform a self-audit.


Submit application
and payment

Contact us to get started and receive information about how to submit an application. Click the green “Get Started” button below!


Initial review of application

Your assigned client rep will conduct the initial review of the application to ensure your operation is ready to be audited.


Auditor visits
the site

After the initial review is complete, the applicant is assigned to inspection. An FSC inspector will visit the site(s) to perform the audit.

If your operation receives a score of 85% or higher, you will be issued your certificate the same day as your audit.



Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Primus Standard Certification cost?

Pricing will vary based on the size, type, and complexity of your operation, as well as your location.

All audits will include travel costs for the inspector.

Need to expedite? Contact us at the email below to discuss expedite options and additional fees.

Before you apply for a food safety audit and certification, it is important to understand the FSC fee schedule and billing cycle. Please contact for a custom quote based on your operation’s needs.

How long does the certification process take?

We generally recommend that you start the certification process several months before harvest or launch of a product. The certification process takes an average of 60-90 days to complete from the time we receive your completed application and payment. However, this timeline may be shorter based on your preparedness and location.

We understand that you may be pressed for time or require certification by a certain deadline. FSC does offer expedited services for an additional fee. Please contact to discuss expedite options.

How do I prepare?

Before applying for an audit, make sure your food safety plan is in place. Perform a self-audit using the scoring tools at the PrimusGFS website below to ensure your food safety plan meets all the requirements of the PrimusGFS GAP or GMP program.


Need help developing your food safety plan? Schedule a consultation with Food Safety Certifiers using the “Get Started” button below – we can review your operation and assess appropriate options based on your needs.

Once you are confident that your food safety plan is ready to go, and you have performed a self-audit, you can either schedule an audit or an FSC pre-assessment. During this, an inspector will visit your farm or facility and score you as they would during a real audit. A pre-assessment can help you prepare for your audit, expose any weaknesses in your plan, and give you an idea of what to expect beforehand. Click here for more information on pre-assessments.

I’m ready for an audit, how do I get started?

Still not sure? Let us help

If you’re ready to schedule an audit, or you would like to schedule a consultation to learn more, click the “Get Started” button below and fill out the form. One of our team members will contact you.

Please note that Food Safety Certifiers will no longer be accepting applications for new clients effective immediately.