We make organic certification easy

FSC and Organic Certifiers work together to provide organic combo audits, one site inspection that covers both food safety and organics. This saves times and reduces cost to our clients. One inspector will write two reports and each agency will provide a certificate in the end. FSC does not directly provide organic certification.

Organic Certifiers (OC) understands that organic certification can be challenging as a first time pursuit. That is why each client is assigned a client representative who guides you through the certification process. OC clients may contact their representative at any time with any questions or concerns regarding their organic certification. We believe that the client-to-representative relationship combined with quick response time and sensible paperwork, is the backbone of our business.

The Organic Certification Process


Submit application + deposit


Initial review of application


Inspector visits the site


Final review of application and inspection report


Certificate issued with a passing score

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Please note that Food Safety Certifiers will no longer be accepting applications for new clients effective immediately.